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I just made a Knockout Kings store. I know its a bit pricey [the base prices were expensive to begin with and I had to add like $1-2 to each item if I wanted to make a profit]. I wont be getting any of the money myself-whatever I make off of this is going to the guys to help with the tour. So if you want to help them out, please go check out the store. *warning* I'm a newbie at this, so dont expect too much. But maybe *hopefully* you'll find something you like. Its got shirts, hoodies, buttons, stickers, magnets, bags, hats and even a teddy bear :).

When you click to view an item, keep in mind that the real picture is gonna be bigger and brighter [the image they show you is just a thumbnail that they've blown up so it may look kinda distorted] but I assure you, they wont be that small and dark.

Hope you enjoy!

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